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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aesthetic Filling

We are using high quality filling materials which are not only strong but match with your teeth perfectly. No one will even notice it. Take a look at some of cases that were done in our clinic...

Gaps between teeth can be reduced with veneers or crowns. However, the simplest way to have them done is by using white fillings.

Any fractured tooth can be restored with composite fillings. You will be able to enjoy your food better and smile big smiles.

Even a chipped tooth due to a fall can be restored!!

Composite filling material was used to improve the shape and colour of old veneers of all the front teeth

Decay and gap seen at the right central incisor was restored with aesthetic fillings

Multiple old sliver restorations was replaced with composite fillings which resulted in the fillings almost undetectable

A large cavity on a molar was restored with white filling

The malformed canine was contour into a nice tooth

Another old silver filling was restored with white filling

Extensive cavity of the tooth was restored with composite filling


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Liza said...

High quality photos...just like in the text book...well done on ur good works Ng...