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Our Facilities

Inside the X-Ray Room
 Our X-ray room is equipped with intra-oral x-ray, digital dental panaronic tomogram (OPG) and digital cephalometry x-ray.

State of the art of digital imaging system for diagnostic purposes.

 Digital Dental Panaromic Tomogram (OPG)

Patient is positioned this way to take a OPG image

An example of a OPG image. The whole jaw can be seen including the sinus and nasal (nose) area. It is good for implant assessment and identifying pathological disease such jaw cyst.

Digital Cephalometry X-ray

Position of the patient for cephalometry X-ray

An example of Lateral Cephalometry Image. This image is useful for orthodontic assessment. This image provide information of the jaw relationship and the growth pattern of the patient.  

Intra-oral Camera
A small camera is used to capture videos and images of the teeth and structure in the mouth during consultation or after treatment on a screen. Therefore, the patient can actually watch the condition of his/her teeth on screen. 

ZOOM 2!! Whitening System

This is the bleaching system that whiten your teeth in just ONE visit. No need to go home to do it. 
The moment you come out of our clinic after bleaching, you with experience whiter brighter smile...

ZOOM 2 uses light to active the bleaching agent, resulting in whiter & brilliant teeth. This treatment is safe & effective (patient has to be checked and consulted before treatment) 

Air Flow -- Air Polishing System 
Scaling and polishing itself does not effectively remove staining which arise from smoking, coffee or tea.

With air polishing, stain can remove effectively by blasting sodium bicarbonate, water and air to tooth surface. This gentle jet stream  will remove the stain through light abrasion. Air polishing is used after scaling.

Gentle jet stream of sodium bicarbonate water and air from the Air Flow system.

This is the result after using air polishing. Teeth become whiter, smoother and clean. 

Bloodless way to do a surgery

Electrocautery is a surgical technique which involves introducing high frequency current to a specific area of the body in order to remove unwanted tissue, seal off blood vessels, or to create a surgical incision.
Simple surgical procedure can be done using electrocurtery, such as:
  • Crown lengthening 
  • Gingivectomy
  • Removing epulis, 
  • Biopsy
Advantages from electrocurtery:
  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Less bleeding
  • Fast healing
Crown lengthening procedure was done with a electrocurtery.

Implants Systems
We are using high quality implant system for our customer. All of this implant systems are well known and top leading in Malaysia as wellas in the world.

 Zimmer Surgical Kit and Implants

Implant 4.7x8mm from Zimmer

Osstem Surgical Kit

Sinus lift set - This set of instruments is used to open the sinus area through lateral windows technique to allowed implants to be place on the upper jaw with very thin alveolar bone verically.

SinusTech set - The latest innovative design of remears used to prepare implant site (internal sinus lift procedure) on bone without injuring or perforating the sinus membrane.

Apex Locator (For Root Canal Treatment)
It is a very useful electronic device to check and determine the length of the tooth during root canal therapy. This will reduce the amount of x-ray exposure to the patient during treatment; and cleaning of the root can be done properly.

Digital SLR Camera 
The important of capturing clinical picture in clinic:
  • For documentation
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning -- especially in the aesthetic region
  • To allow patient to see and appreciate the condition of his teeth
  • To compare before and after treatment -- especially for teeth whitening
  • To allow the laboratory technician to know the appearance of the patient and therefore able to fabricate  correct colour and shape of the prosthesis to the patient
  • To learn and  improve the skill and knowledge of the clinician/dentist
  • To be able to share with other researcher or dentist (in conference)

A digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system, as opposed to compact cameras where the view through the viewfinder could be significantly different from what was captured on film. Images taken from SLR camera are clearer and sharper as compared with compact camera.

However, in the mouth where the area of interest was small and dark, ordinary lens with internal flash are not enough to capture good quality pictures. Therefore, here, we are using the Nikon D90 camera with Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR  micro lens together with a ring flash from Sigma. All of our pictures presented in this blog are taken with this camera!!